Simple Photo Frame

Here we are going to do a personalized Paper craft. Make a Photo frame of your loved ones with few simple steps.


Things Needed

Paper clip

Felt Paper

Patterned color papers




Cut flower in felt paper and stick it to the paper clip. Cut square shape in felt paper and frame in any patterned paper. Assemble them along with the photo to form a photo frame as shown in the picture. This can be used in greeting cards, scrap books or as a fridge magnet


Feel The Wrath Of The Birds

Angry Birds Craze has come to KraftCafe!!!

Today let your eyes feast on our magnificent multipurpose Angry Birds.

1. Template/Outline of the Birds:

Take a print out of this template to make your work easier. If you are artistic, then go ahead and draw it yourself.

2. Things you Need:

  • Felt Paper
  • Black Chart
  • Color papers(Handmade Paper)
  • Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors

3. Making of the Birds

Step 1: Cut different parts of the bird in the felt and chart

Step 2: Assemble pieces as shown in the picture

Step 3: Draw eyes and finishing touch with black marker

Step 4: Here’s your own bird ready to attack!!!

   a.  Yellow Bird

   b. Green Bird

   c. Pig

4. All birds

5. This is now used as a

Fridge Magnet, Kid’s Room Decoration

6. Birds in action !!!

Take the cropped images and apply it to any background of your choice.


Newspaper Nail Art


This is an incredible effect you can make yourself on your nails.

1. Paint your nails in grey color, allow it to dry
2. Dip your nail in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). I have used an after shave lotion instead! ;)
3. Press a strip of newspaper firmly on your nails and peel it off after few seconds
4. Apply a top coat


And now you can have the latest news on your finger tips! ;)

Spooky eyes nail art


This is easy and an interesting nail art. This involves just three simple steps.

  1. Double coat black color nail polish
  2. Instead of using a dotted pen I’ve used ear buds to keep dots ;)
  3. With the nail brush keep a small dot inside the white area (you can place the black dots pointing at different sides in each nail for it to be real spooky :)

Try not to get scared looking at your nails as the spooky eyes are staring at you ;)

Cool Clips

Take a break from the regular paper clips you use every day. Add a little bit of fun to your everyday office supplies!! Here are some cool ideas for your own fancy paper clips.

Simple steps to make your own cool clip
IMG_1249 IMG_1258 IMG_1271