About Us

Creativity is the ability to think outside the proverbial box, to string two unrelated ideas together in a new way. Young children learn best through experimentation, exploration and multi-sensory activities. Creating art is a delightful way for empowering children to use these skills to make choices and solve problems. With every choice the idea becomes more and more their own and are able to create visual manifestations of abstract ideas.
Varnam Art Class has been instrumental in developing and nurturing vital cognitive skills in young children helping them excel in all disciplines. All our students stand as a proud testament to this fact.

Students of Varnam gleefully create their own masterpieces, which is displayed in an Art show for public viewing. This art show has become an annual event.


Jaya S.Raja, Founder, Varnam Art Class

Varnam began 12 years ago, as a fun little class for kids. My kids, then aged 4 and 2, had a keen interest in art and creativity. While there was a bounty of drawing and coloring classes for kids, there was a dearth of art instruction. As I tried one class after another for my kids, I found that almost none of them were actually nurturing the skills and talents of my kids. Having always had a passion for the arts and crafts from a very young age, I decided to do something to fill this void of proper art instruction. As I gathered 4 young children in my small makeshift classroom in my house, we started an adventure that has blossomed and grown in ways I never imagined ..Read More

       Geetha,              Art Instructor, Varnam Art Class

Hi, this is Geetha. I am a creative do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) and an art Instructor from Chennai, living in Dallas, Texas. I have always loved all things related to pen and fancy paper. I am a self taught paper crafter with a lot of interest in creating greeting cards, scrapbooks and embellishments. I also have a lot of interest in painting. I am good in Kerala Mural Painting, Madhubani Painting, Acrylic Painting on Canvas and Fabric Painting ..Read More