Single Stone Nail Art



This nail art will make your nails look chic and cool, if done properly 😉

One thing that I always found tricky in nail art is getting perfect straight lines

I know my lines are little shaky, I should have used a striping tape instead!

Well, why don’t you try it with nail stripes??


B&W Polka Dots Nail Art


Polka dots are always cute and eye-catching…

You can have them on your nails with these simple steps:

  • Paint your nails with the color of your choice
  • With a dotting tool or toothpick put polka dots using a contrast color
  • And divide them using a silver color striping tape

And you are done! 🙂

Newspaper Nail Art


This is an incredible effect you can make yourself on your nails.

1. Paint your nails in grey color, allow it to dry
2. Dip your nail in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). I have used an after shave lotion instead! ;)
3. Press a strip of newspaper firmly on your nails and peel it off after few seconds
4. Apply a top coat


And now you can have the latest news on your finger tips! ;)

Spooky eyes nail art


This is easy and an interesting nail art. This involves just three simple steps.

  1. Double coat black color nail polish
  2. Instead of using a dotted pen I’ve used ear buds to keep dots ;)
  3. With the nail brush keep a small dot inside the white area (you can place the black dots pointing at different sides in each nail for it to be real spooky :)

Try not to get scared looking at your nails as the spooky eyes are staring at you ;)