Ice creams like no other…

Instead of making ice creams using milk and sugar, we have tried making them using felt and glue.

Let these cool you off this hot summer!

Stick Ice Creams

Stick Ice Creams

Cone Icecreams

Cone Ice creams

Multi Flavoured

Multi Flavoured


Shoppers Stop!!!

Here comes a new celebration at Kraftcafe… Amazing dresses!!

These are not to be mistaken for actual baby dresses, they are paper dresses made by Kraftcafe master designers.

Hope you enjoy looking at this as much as we enjoyed designing it!




Summer Camp

Theme – Underwater Life

Kids-at-work     Underwater-life

‘Varnam’ conducted a Summer Camp for kids. The theme was Underwater Life and the medium was acrylic painting on canvas. 15 students enthusiastically participated. Some of their works are displayed below: