KC – About Us

At Kraft Cafe, we believe that being creative is all about just trying it! Our intention is to provide innovative ideas, helpful tips and interact with like-minded people. Each of our post will inspire you and keep you coming back to our blog feeling very excited about what you will find in the next post. We provide simple easy to follow instructions which would give you a positive feeling that you can create anything from arts and crafts.

We cover a broad range of craft categories that include sticker making, greeting card making, paper crafts and kid’s crafts. We also focus on knitting, quilling, fashion designing, jewelry making, ceramic mural, etc. We do have a pool of ideas on school projects, rangoli, kid’s drawing and dress designing.

So if you are a fan of arts and if you are crazy about crafts, this is your destination.
Come.. let’s begin the journey of crafts!


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